About Us

We are a San Diego-based, late-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing potential new therapies for cancer. Our portfolio of drug candidates contains four clinical-stage candidates, including one candidate (zandelisib) in a Phase 2 clinical trial which we intend to submit to the U.S. Food and Drug administration to support an accelerated approval marketing application. Our drug candidates target different mechanisms critical to overcoming cancer progression and drug resistance:

  • Zandelisib, an oral PI3K delta inhibitor;
  • Voruciclib, an oral CDK inhibitor; and
  • ME-344, a mitochondrial inhibitor targeting the OXPHOS complex.
  • Pracinostat, an oral HDAC inhibitor;

Our portfolio is built around drug candidates with validated targets and is designed to develop medicines that are: (1) differentiated, (2) address unmet medical needs and (3) deliver improved benefit to patients either as standalone treatments or in combination with other medicines.